Master Data Management Services

Master Data Management Services

Organizations have plenty of data, but the question is can that be trusted?

Despite years of high investments in IT systems, most of the organizations face the same challenge of inaccuracy of data, Data duplications, Data incompleteness, and concerns around security of their data. In many organizations same customers/products/contracts are called different names in their several silo systems. The situation creates issue of generating different results from different systems. MDM from JKV helps ensure that decision makers work from single version of data information.



  • Avoids Data redundancy
  • More accurate data
  • Data is secure and available when and where it’s needed
  • Control data governance
  • Consolidated Data View


How we can help

  • Understand current system/processes
  • Identify process holes
  • Data cleansing: Eliminate incomplete, incorrect and inconsistent entries
  • Data remapping: Fuzzy Logic, more advanced lookup services
  • Manual Lookup Services
  • Define new business processes
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