Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

JKV Staff Augmentation services helps our client get experience and qualified resources as needed basis

JKV Staff Augmentation services enables our clients to increase or decrease the skilled, experience, and qualified resource pool without adding permanent workforce. This particular service allows our clients effectively manage project that requires special or seasonal workforce. JKV is committed to provide complete knowledge transfer to internal staff if client chooses to take the job function in house. JKV’s vast qualified and experience resource pool along with their highly rewarding reference program allows JKV to get candidates onboard quickly.


if you as a client would like to avoid large staff with extensive benefits, or to avoid going through lengthy hiring process, JKV is the answer for you.

Cost Effectiveness: Through Staff Augmentation clients would be saving money through not providing office space, paid leaves or vacations, health benefits, employment taxes etc..

Direct Access:  The client would be working directly/closely with these resources and can assign project work directly to them. Working with our resources would be exactly like working with your own employees. Our qualified and experience staff are going to be time bound individuals working towards meeting your business needs as per client time zone.


IP Protection:  We could work on “temp to permanent’” model which allows you to hire our employee to protect all intellectual property or copyrights of the work done by such resources.

Staff Augmentation Services

Here are some of the resources available as part of our offshore staff augmentation services:

  • Dedicated VB .NET Application Developers
  • Dedicated C#  Application Developers
  • Dedicated PHP Programmers
  • Dedicated HTML/HTML5 Web Developers
  • Dedicated Microsoft SQL DBAs
  • Dedicated Database Developers/Analysts
  • Dedicated Graphic Design Resources
  • Dedicated ETL Developers
  • Dedicated Data Entry Operators
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